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Heart of
West Berlin.

Tailor Made Film Postproduction. Brought to you from Wilmersdorf, Berlin.



Boutique Postproduction
for your Film.

We support your projects from the shooting to the finishing. Creative and editorial editing, VFX, color grading and finishing are our talents. We offer the right workflow for every project, director or agencie.

Our small team of artists is always looking for the most exciting narrative, the most beautiful look and the best creative decision for your film - Tailored to the needs of any production, big or small.

We make post production happen, in Wilmersdorf or anywhere else in the world.

Featured Works.


From commercials to documentaries, feature films and music videos. We have experience with a wide variety of films and formats as well as their implementation and delivery.

Our clients include artists such as Alligatoah, Purple Disco Machine, Alice Merton and Klaus Layer. Brands like Adidas, Canada Gosse, Mercedes, Penny or Deutsche Bahn and broadcasters like MDR or ZDF. Thereby we worked with agencies like Serviceplan, Antoni, thjnk or Buddybrand.

We value personal relationships and strive for a personal connection to our clients and fellow creatives.
That's why we have worked on several projects with directors like Dimitri Tsvetkov, Dominik Galicia, Arrigo Reuss, Rosalie di Natale, Jens Sage or Amos Fricke.

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Mercedes Benz / McLaren / Maybach / Miles / Lidl / Coca Cola / Adidas / Nike / Schwarzkopf / Penny / Canada Goose / Comma / tado° / share / Viessmann / Allianz / Wrigley's Extra / Red Bull / Wilkinson Sword / Native Instruments / Deutsche Bahn / Marco Polo / Paulaner / N26 / Douglas / Xiaomi / Degeto / MDR / ARD / ZDF / etc



As founder, lead editor and colorist, Peter Schulz has shaped the creative direction of Studio Wilmersdorf with a focus on cinematic and musical editing, analogue and organic looks and effective workflows.

With professional experience in public television and the agency world, Peter understands the different demands and needs that each project and client brings.

Finding the right solutions and identifying problems early on are the most important things to make a relaxed and creativepost-production possible. Every project is different. Together we are able to find the right approach for your film.

Located in West Berlin we offer reliable and relaxed service, away from the hype - direct and personal.

In our two interconnected suites we trust in Davinci Resolve as an all-encompassing finishing system. With a Eizo HDR reference monitor, 5.1 Audio, shared storage and excellent coffee, we are prepared for almost any production.
And even remotely, we can work with you via high quality video stream from anywhere.

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