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Feature Film, 118 min

Heikos Welt

Production Company:
ASP / Mutter und Vater Productions
Director: Dominik Galizia
DoP: Elias Köhler
Verleih: UCM One, Darling Berlin

Editing, Color, Finishing
Live-Concert / Documentary, 88 min

MDR Sputnik Friends of Alligatoah

Production Company: A Million Live, MDR
Director: Andreas Eisenach

Editing, Color, VFX, Finishing
Featurefilm, 79 min


Production Company: Stadtfuchs Media, Cornelsen Films
Director: Julian Richberg
Editing & Color: Peter Schulz
Verleih: Meteor Film

Serie, 7 x 20 min


Staffel 1

Production Company: Turbokultur / ARD Degeto
Director: Süheyla Schwenk

Finishing, Color Grading
Talkshow, ca. 20min per Episode

Ausgesprochen Geil

Production Company: Turbokultur / SWR
Producer: Martin Danisch, David Hadda
Redaktion: Jenny Zimmermann (Leitung), Eike Lennart Sell, Susann AltmannRegie: Mareike Danisch

Serie, 8 x 20 min


Staffel 2

Production Company: Turbokultur für ZDF Neo
Director: Johannes Boss, Annika Pinske
DOP: Rebecca Meining

Color, Finishing
Featurefilm 89 min


Production Company: Studio Hamburg Enterprises/Jacobs Production
Director: Timo Jacobs
Director of Photography: Nuno Martini
Verleih: Sabcat Media


The devil is in the details, especially for feature-length projects or social media campaigns with many assets.We take care of the integration and version tracking of VFX shots, last minute retouching or adjustments in the colorgrade, the creation and insertion of graphics, credits, audio files or subtitles and reframings for different delivery formats.As soon as the film is finished and approved, we create the necessary masters in all desired formats from Cinemascope to vertical, whether for TV, cinema or online distribution. If desired, we archive the project on LTO.

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