Shapes of desire by Mercedes benz




Fischer x klopp

Production Company: Sterntag Film
Director: Julian Spillner
Executive Producer: Maik Siering-Lewin
Producer: Bettina Kolonko
DoP: Elias C. J. Köhler

Editing, Color, Finishing
Balvenie (Dir: Studio Oggi, Prd: Shelter Productions)

Balvenie portaits

Editing, Color, Finishing, Postproduction
Sony Music (Dir: Dimitri Tsvetkov, DOP: Jonas Schneider, Prod: Stink Films)

In The Dark

Postproduction, Editing, Grading, Finishing
McLarren (Prd: Whale Amsterdam, DOP: Greg White, Animation Dir: Airton Groba)

McLaren - solus gt

Editing, Color
Adidas (Dir: Amos Fricke, Prd: Services United)

adidas by 032c Spring/Summer 2021

Editing, Color
Smart (Dir: Max Braun, Agency: Buddybrand)

Smart x Oumi Janta

Editing, Motion Graphics
Berlinische Galerie (Dir: Rosalie Di Natale)

Images in Fashion -
Clothing in Art

Editing, Color
(Dir: Bastian Thiery, DOP: Hannes M. Meier)


Editing, Color
Red Bull (Dir: Heinrich Matis, Agency: Glutamat)

Red Bull Unfiltered - RIN

Editing, Color
Schwarzkopf (Dir: Studio Oggi)

House of Schwarzkopf (DC)


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Founder and CEO Peter Schulz worked for television and agencies before going independent.

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