Klaus Layer - Eternal Visions



Editing, Color, Finishing
Penny (Serviceplan Campaign 3)

Penny las wedding

Production Company: It’s Us Media
Director: Dimitri Tsvetkov
DoP: Jonas Schneider
Editing & Colorist: Peter Schulz

Color, Finishing
WDR (Dir: Valerie-Malin Schmid & Alina Hildegard Oehler, DOP: Johannes Krell)


Editing, Color
Nike (Dir: Heinrich Matis, Agency: Glutamat)

Nike Flyleather Ruohan Wang

Nordachse Cashgroup (Dir: Dominik Galizia)

Nordberliner Pils Reklame

Color, Editing, Finishing
GIZ (Prd: Shelter Productions,
Dir: Viviane Andereggen)

Das beste geschenk

Color, Finishing
Featurefilm (Dir: Daniel Popat, DOP: Elias C. J. Köhler)

Stumm vor schreck

Ace Tee x Balbina x Ebow x Herbert Grönemeyer (Dir: Jens Sage)


(Dir: Lukas Strobel)

Alligatoah - Nachbeben

Editing, Color
Smart (Dir: Björn Mager, Agency: HeyNa!)

emmy Frühjahrs-kampagne

Kobalt Music (Dir: Matthew Thorne, Prd: STINK)

The Howl and the Hum - The Only Boy Racer Left On The Island


Arrigo Reuss, Dominik Galizia, Elias C.J. Köhler, Jens Sage, Rosalie Di Natale, Jonas Schneider, Peter Bromme, Julian Spinner, Yuki Oka, Matthew Thorne, Dimitri Tsvetkov, Nico Wegewitz, Matthias Pöttker, Amos Fricke, Tony Kopec, Maximilian Braun, Lil Internet, Henk Otte, Niki Waltl, Lou Andrea Savoir, Daniel Popat

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